Duck Duck Goose Blind Cover

 Duck Duck Goose Blind Covers

Welcome to my  website for the Duck Duck Goose Blind Covers. The covers are all new this year I spent a lot of time working hard to make them better than ever.  All new this year,  They are all Metal Frames 100%!!  I put out a new video a while back to show how they work. 
Now that  the season is close I have been getting ready for new orders. The Grass and Mesh are ordered  and The New Blind Cover Sets come complete with Grass , Mesh , and a  universal Kick Stand  .

Custom Designs Available

I can design custom covers to your specs .  You can reach me at 530-520-2523 or email me at . You can see my other work at   

I am a one man show here, so you will always deal with me directly. I stand behind my product100%,  so if you are not happy with your covers I will refund your money all you have to do is send back the covers and I will refund the the full purchase price. . I make custom covers  for hunters because I love the sport. I am not the foremost authority on hunting but I am a good builder and designer, if you have ideas or want changes let me know and I will try to accommodate.

  Complete Set include two frames with  one kick stand for each frame   This Universal Kick Stand will work on either side as well as other Blind Covers from other makers 

I will sell any piece you want or build what you want so just ask..   You can email me at      If you have special spes  that is fine as well    but you will have to order with me directly or via email..   


Complete Sets Shipping not included

3' wide painted with Mesh and Grass  $175 
4' wide painted with Mesh and Grass  $185
5' wide painted with Mesh and Grass  $205
6' wide painted with Mesh and Grass  $225 
7' wide painted with Mesh and Grass  $280 

Painted Frames one Pair with hinge ( no mesh, no grass) (shipping not included)
3' wide $85
4' wide $90
5' wide $100
6' wide $110 
7' wide $140

Universal Adjustable Kick Stand  will be   (Hinge can go on either side)

Cover Grass By DDG  
$20 for a 48" wide by Approx 30" tall ( base to tips)

Mesh By DDG   
$20 for a 48" wide by 15" Tall piece.

 I am happy to make changes so let me know what you think.

You can see still pictures Here.

Or Purchase The DDG Blind Covers Here.

All New Metal version Videos 

Installation Video 

Action Video 

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